Sebastien Archambault

International Masterchef
Executive chef at Park Hyatt Washington and Blue Duck Tavern, Chef Sebastien Archambault is a French-trained chef who has worked under such luminaries as Alain Ducasse, John-Francois Rouquette, and Guy Savoy. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, where his parents owned and operated a small restaurant, Crepe Suzette. Returning to the family home in Le Bugue, France, Sebastien developed his love of food while working in the family restaurant, which then ultimately led him to attend culinary school in Paris. After graduating, Chef Archaumbault worked in many establishments around the world such as Mexico and in 2008, he started his own chef consulting business with his wife, assisting restaurants in Paris and Corsica. In March 2011, he became executive chef at the Blue Duck Tavern where he believes in the farm-to-table and sustainability approach. 
Country:   United States
Hosted at

  Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Located on the prestigious, natural island of Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas is an exclusive sanctuary of contemporary luxury located ...

  Restaurant Promotion - Sebastien Archambault
11 - 14 February 2013

Guests will get to experience gastronomic pleasures when international masterchefs take over the kitchen during the epicurean promotions. Dine at your favourite establishments at Abu ...
  Culinary Demo & Luncheon with Sebastien Archambault
13 February 2013

Meet the executive chef of the Park Hyatt Washington’s Blue Duck Tavern. Find out how Chef Sebastien manages to balance a hectic working life and ...
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