As the stars of the culinary world gather in Abu Dhabi for a gastronomic affair like no other, join them as they, and their hosting chefs, present a feast of the finest flavours at Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012.
Justin Quek

International Masterchef
Throughout his illustrious career, Chef Justin Quek has charted many firsts as one of Asia’s foremost and finest masters of French cuisine. As a man with a vision and the determination to succeed, he travelled and worked all over France gaining immeasurable knowledge and acquiring an immense amount of skill that he has put to excellent use. Chef Quek returned to Singapore and was appointed as personal chef to the French Embassy, making him the first Singaporean to be given such an opportunity.
Country: Singapore
Restaurant: Sky on 57
Hosted At: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi Quest

Events Information
19 February 2012
Culinary Masterclass by Justin Quek

19 to 22 February 2012
International Masterchef Justin Quek - Promotions

20 February 2012
Château Dinner featuring International Masterchef Justin Quek with Cloudy Bay