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Ben-David Sörum and Thomas Ånöstam
Business Owners & Professional Mixologists | Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar
Industry Guest
Ben-David Sörum and Thomas Ånöstam are the names that make up the renowned beverage and bar consultancy in South East Asia, Flow Cocktail Ltd, which also consults on beverages for upscale catering events. Concocting cocktails has become a form of fine art these days and the cocktail specialists, Sörum and Ånöstam have accumulated numerous experiences over the years developing and improving a myriad of cocktails. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the innovative duo has introduced a whole new level of perspective to the beverage world, working unstintingly in events management and consultancy to become the creative force of cutting-edge idea executions.
Country: Thailand
Events Information
07 February 2011
Mixologist Dinner with International Masterchef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre & Industry Guest Mixologists

08 to 11 February 2011
Industry Guest Mixologists Ben-David Sörum and Thomas Ånöstam

09 February 2011
Mixologist Masterclass