This prestigious gastronomic event spotlights our impressive line up of award-winning masterchefs. Gourmands, regardless of language barrier, will experience a wide array of cuisines creatively crafted by the most worthy of masterchefs. Immerse yourself in a different experience throughout every one of the 15 days of special themed dinners, gala dinners and culinary workshops. Delight in the epicurean promotions which will see hosting chefs and masterchefs collaborating to create delectable menus that will linger long after the meal is finished.
Special Guest Chefs Masterchefs Hosting Chefs Pastry Chefs
Charlie Trotter 

Dieter Kaufmann 

Paco Roncero 

Alain Passard 

Alfonso Iaccarino  

Andrea Berton 

Claude Bosi 

David Muñoz 

David Thompson 

Greg Doyle & Grant King 

Heinz Winkler 

Joe Barza 

Martin Fauster  

Masayasu Yonemura 

Mehmet Gök  

Régis Marcon 

Roy Yamaguchi 

Suzanne Tracht 

Tam Kwok Fung 

Vineet Bhatia 

Daniel Nuss  

Danny Kattar  

Darren Andow 

David Dandridge 

Dean Bouvet 

Ernst-Lothar Frank 

Gary Robinson  

Jean Ballouz 

John Cordeaux 

Patrick Bischoff 

Wolfgang Fischer 

Yvan Marclay 

Carles Mampel  

Frédéric Bau 

Hugues Pouget 

Loretta Fanella 

Pierre Hermé 

Vincent Bourdin