Where to Eat The Best Desserts in Dubai

If you travel to Dubai then you must make sure you go to the following locations in order to enjoy the most delicious desserts. These places are excellent to take your kids with you as well. Therefore, make sure you add them on your to-do list.

Kulfi House

This kid-friendly location serves incredibly delicious desserts, including ice cream. What most people love here are the waffles, mango kulfi, gulkand kulfi, mango kulfi, and chocolate pani puri. Furthermore, most visitors liked very much the staff which they say it is extremely friendly and welcoming. Kulfi House is located in the Jamal Omar Bin Hyder Building, at 4 B Street.


At Sukkar you must definitely try the milk cake, the cheesecake, the marshmallow, and the delicious hot chocolate. Of course, there are many other desserts and drinks, but these ones are very popular. If you do not have time to go to this place then the good news is that you can actually order the desired desserts as the restaurant offers home delivery services as well. Sukkar is situated on Al Wasl Road.

Shakeism Milkshakes

This is another excellent place where you can eat the best desserts in Dubai. It also offers home delivery services, and it doesn’t only have desserts but bakeries as well. All in all, this is without a doubt a must try destination for anyone who loves milkshakes. There are plenty of innovative and indulgent options. What most clients like here are the professional and prompt staff.

The Choco Monarch

We recommend that you book a table in advance for this location because it is very popular and therefore extremely busy most of the times. It serves waffles, caramel frappe, hot chocolate, brownie crepe, and very tasty pancakes. The staff is also very friendly and ready to serve you with the most delicious desserts and drinks. Furthermore, we are sure that you will love the décor as it is a very warm and lovely one.


Inside the Dubai Mall, you will find this amazing location where you can try different desserts made with yogurt. You can choose between red velvet, French vanilla, many types of cheesecake, banana toffee pie, and many more. There is no alcohol available which is a huge advantage. Yogurtland is opened every day from 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM.


This location is appreciated for the most delicious macaroons, risotto, French toast, opera cakes, and chocolate fondant. If you go to Dalloyau have in mind to try the Arabic coffee which is amazing. Again, here you will not find alcoholic drinks. Dalloyau can be found at the ground floor of Central Galleria.

Dip n Dip

Dip n Dip restaurant serves incredibly tasty hot white and black chocolate, chocolate waffles, brownie crepe, fettuccine crepe, and many more. The prices for all desserts and drinks are quite reasonable, and the location is kid-friendly which means that it is perfect for children. Therefore, take them with you in order to spend a lovely afternoon in this paradise of sweets.