The Most Delicious Arabic Dishes to Try

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One of the main issues that many people deal with while they are on holiday is the food. They do not know exactly what dishes to try and that’s why they make bad choices most of the times. We are going to talk in this article about the most delicious Arabic dishes that you must try in case you decide to visit this part of the world. Therefore, have a look at the following useful information so that your holiday can be a fantastic one.


We start our list with the very delicious hummus. This dish is very simple to make and you can even prepare it at home if you want. The main ingredients are tahini, garlic, chickpeas, and lemon. You can have hummus as a starter and you must definitely have it with pita bread.

Batata Harra

Again this is a very simple recipe that you can also try at home. However, if you go to Saudi Arabia, you must not forget to try Batata Harra. Just make sure you like spicy food because this dish contains red peppers and chili as well.

Warak Enab

Warak Enab is also known as grape leaves and it is a Lebanese dish. The grape leaves are stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, and mint. Therefore, it is absolutely perfect for all vegetarians or for those who are following a diet. Even though it doesn’t contain any type of meat it is still extremely tasty and perfect for a light dinner.


Kibbeh is known worldwide. The best thing about it is that it can be made with different types of meat, although the traditional recipe contains beef, onion, and bulgur. All these ingredients are mixed together and then fried so that the incredible taste can be amplified. Less commonly found worldwide yet incredibly delicious is the raw Kibbeh. Try this version as well in order to decide which one you like the most.


Harira Soup

If you are a soup fan then you will absolutely love the Harira soup. You cannot like it as it tastes heavenly. It is made with lamb meat, chickpeas, noodles, tomatoes, and different spices. If you want something light and healthy, then Harira is without a doubt what you need. It is excellent not only for adults but for children as well.


You cannot visit Saudi Arabia without trying Fattah, a very traditional Egyptian dish. It is served all year round but especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Compared to other dishes from our article, this one is not a light one. It is extremely filling as it contains beef, rice, tomato sauce, a bit of vinegar and garlic as well.


Foul has plenty of proteins and fibers as well, and more than this it tastes amazing. For an even better flavor in some places, it contains garlic, parsley, and tahini as well. It is true that this dish is a bit too oily because of the olive oil, but still tastes absolutely wonderful. Therefore, just take some bread and dig in.


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